Quality staircases built just for your location

Staircases often need to be ‘purpose built’ for tight situations or exact locations. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but the team at Elliott Engineering have a lot of experience in staircase design and manufacture. Getting the dimensions right and being accurate with measurements is a critical part of the job, so the team at Elliott Engineering like to come to their client on site to ensure they understand the location, and the design brief, as well as looking at access options for the final installation.

Staircases can be straight lines, elbows, bends and curves, back and forth or spiral so getting the right staircase for the location is important. Elliott Engineering will prepare a design option for your consideration, and only commission the job once the client is happy that the staircase proposed will do the job for them… for many years to come. It is a significant investment, so it has to be right!

The gallery below shows a range of staircase designs and finishes. Use this as your ‘style guide’ when talking to the team at Elliott Engineering. They can advise the pros and cons of each and every design.