Why Choose Us?

What makes Elliott Engineering different from other companies in this sector?

Elliott Engineering stands out from the crowd in this competitive building and construction sector. What is it that makes us different from everyone else?

What makes us so special?

  • Elliott Engineering is a 100 percent New Zealand owned company.
  • Elliott Engineering is a family owned business, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.
  • When you call or contact Elliott engineering, you are always talking to the boss.
  • All the team at Elliott Engineering are passionate about what they do.
  • They have an excellent reputation for quality, professionalism, and high quality, well qualified tradesmen.
  • They always demonstrate innovation in their designs and contracts.
  • They offer a ‘one stop shop’ of design, technical drawings, quality products, manufacturing to a high standard, professional skills, trouble free installation, and always guarantee their work.
  • Elliott Engineering are reliable, and always get their jobs out on time…. and within budget.
  • They are focussed on achieving customer satisfaction.